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Membership in the community of The Brothers and Sisters of Charity is also open to those who live in their own homes or in houses of prayer, in the world but not of the world. These brothers and sisters either cannot, or do not feel called to be in the Monastic expression. They can be laity or clergy, or from other religious orders who have the permission of their superiors to join. It is open to Catholic membership and ecumenical participants from other Christian faiths who can at least profess the content and context of the Apostle's and Nicene Creeds. It represents the average Catholic, or Catholic oriented Christian who wants to go the extra mile in following the way of Jesus. 

Domestic Members with Founder and Monastic community at a recent  National Gathering at Little Portion Hermitage

The basis of the Domestic expression is the cell group, which is a gathering of several to twelve or so people. The purpose of the cell group is for worship, teaching, intercession, and community building relationships and activities. These may be actual meetings, particular ministries, and recreational activities. Members come together in Regional Gatherings once a year, as well as the Annual Gathering at the Motherhouse of the Little Portion Hermitage.

In recent years the House of Prayer has also become one of our Domestic expressions. It is for those who wish to live more of a monastic schedule than is the norm for the average domestic, but who cannot embrace the full intensity of the monastic life. The Liturgy of the Hours and daily or weekly times of silence play an important part in this expression. Many of our House of Prayer members are more actively involved in parish or community ministries. 

Another new development of the Domestic expression is the cluster. This is a cell group of people that choose to live close to one another in their city for the purpose of more frequent prayer and shared lives. A daily common prayer and mutual family support is indicative of this expression. We have one cluster in the Chicago area and one in Kerrville, Texas.

Though we believe that the full manifestation of our charism is in monasticism, we recognize that the Domestic expression holds the greatest potential for the average Christian and Catholic who want to get more serious about their faith in Christ and the radical gospel life. We are excited about this movement of cell groups, clusters, and Houses of Prayer committed to living the gospel of Jesus in a more radical, but not fanatical way. So come on in, the water's fine!

For further information regarding the Domestic Expression of The Brothers and Sisters of Charity, please click on your region's e-mail and contact the following ministers (see map below to determine what region you are in):


Northwest Region
Anita Driscoll, BSCD
(406) 370-7213

Northeast Region
Annmarie Zullo, BSCD
(425) 478-5029

North Central Region
Brian Bartley, BSCD
(630) 267-2048

South Central
Kelly Wells, BSCD

(713) 899-8004

South East Region
Glenn Galtere, BSCD
(561) 797-1586

Southwest Region
Debbie Ballard, BSCD
(928) 864-8605

Being "Professed for Life" as a Domestic member is always a tender moment.
Is God calling you?

To learn more about the Domestic Expression of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity please visit our new website here:

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