Welcome to the Ambassadors of Charity Program

Thank you for your interest in this new venture. How can you help?

Ambassadors of Charity assist the John Michael Talbot Ministry and Brothers and Sisters of Charity through personal action.
They are the hands, feet, and voices of our community and ministry.

John Michael and Viola Talbot meeting with Arkansas Ambassadors.

Ambassadors of Charity help the JMT Ministry by volunteering to spread the word in their local diocese or parish of upcoming events and assisting at local events. You can also help to find sponsors or consider sponsoring an event in your local parish or diocese.

Please contact our Ministry Coordinator Peggy Lodewyks by calling 479-981-4660 or by email at

Ambassadors of Charity help the Brothers and Sisters of Charity by coming to our monastery to offer their expertise such as Master Gardeners, carpenters and/or other similar skills.

Please contact Judi Thompson by calling 877-504-9865 (Toll Free) or 479-253-7710. You mail also email Judi at

Ambassadors of Charity are a steady stream of people with special skills to help maintain, operate and expand the precious ministry of our Little Portion Retreat and Training Center at More Mountain.

Please contact our Retreat Center Director Peggy Lodewyks by calling 479-253-7379 or by email at

Please take a few moments to visit our Retreat Center website by clicking HERE.

Ambassadors of Charity assist the Brothers and Sisters of Charity by getting the word out to help generate vocations to this ancient, yet new form of integrated monasticism, or our domestic expression for those who live our way of life in their own homes.

For Monastic Vocations please contact our Vocations Director Sr. Carolyn by calling 479-253-7710 or by email her at

Please also visit other pages in this website to learn more about a vocation in the Brothers and Sisters of Charity.


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