John Michael Talbot

John Michael Talbot’s ministry began over 35 years ago with a vision. “God gave me a vision of itinerant ministry walking on foot from parish to parish in a time of great need in our culture. I believe that our current ministry is fulfilling that vision. The Catholic Church has nearly died in recent years, but God is raising us to new life in Christ if we will but accept it. We are rebuilding the church one parish at a time, and renewing hearts one life at a time!”

The path our Lord has guided John Michael on throughout his life has uniquely prepared him for this time in the Church. After responding to the Lord’s call, God used John Michael to bless millions of lives through his unique and multi-faceted ministry.John Michael and Viola with Pope John Paul II

John Michael Talbot is one of the pioneering artists of what has become known as Contemporary Christian Music. He is recognized as Catholic music's most popular artist with over 4 million sales and compositions published in hymnals throughout the world. 

A respected (and prolific) author, John Michael’s 24th book “Blessings of St. Benedict” was published this past this September 2011 from Liturgical Press.

John Michael leads his very active ministry from the Little Portion Hermitage where he is the founder and Minister General of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity. His artistic and humanitarian efforts have been recognized with awards from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the Gospel Music Association, Mercy Corps and the Mother Teresa award.

When a fire devastated John Michael’s monastery in April of 2008, John Michael began a new format of itinerant ministry traveling from parish to parish to raise money to rebuild his community’s home. It became clear that God was not only using his ministry to rebuild the monastery but to bring fulfillment to the original vision.

Today, John Michael Talbot is one of the most active motivational ministers traveling over 150 days per year throughout the world inspiring and renewing the faith of Christians of all denominations through sacred music, inspired teaching and motivational speaking.

John Michael, like a modern St. Francis, is rebuilding God’s Church “one parish at a time, and renewing hearts one life at a time.”


Those interested in learning more about John Michael Talbot's ministry and the Brothers and Sisters of Charity are encouraged to read "Signatures: The Story of John Michael Talbot".

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